Andy Rovins

Director/Writer of DISCOVERY

254 San Juan Avenue
Venice, CA 90291        (310)396-8229

Mr. Rovins brings together technical and artistic backgrounds to his filmmaking.  His career includes a distinguished resume in Production Sound Recording, achievement in still photography and journalism, and training in filmmaking, theater, performance and  screenwriting.  His educations include a BA from Vanderbilt University, MFA from the University of Southern California, and scene study with both Jack Garfein and Joan Darling. He is the author of 4 screenplays and his photography has appeared in books, magazines, album covers and book jackets. He has been nominated for Emmy awards for Foxfire, and a Golden Reel Award for Inspector Gadget.

His filmography includes Bring Your Raincoat, Toyota Sings, Blob Dylan Live, and Chrissy’s Question.

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