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I was invited to present my short film, DISCOVERY, and I was there.

I returned in June 2004, for the first Cine Pobre conference.

It was, to say the least, very special.

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CINE POBRE is a documentary about a special film festival in a special place, the small fishing village of Gibara, in Holguin State in the east end of Cuba.

CINE POBRE is the birth of the Cine Pobre Non-Budget Film Festival, the dream of the great Cuban director Humberto Solas, who made his celebrated first feature film, LUCIA, in Gibara.  Solas wanted to celebrate a cinema driven by passion and ideas, not by commercial imperatives, and he realized his dream when the First Cine Pobre happened on April 21-25, 2003, in Gibara.